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WELCOME TO Khalsa Dyers and Drycleaners Chandigarh

ABOUT Khalsa Dyers and Drycleaners Chandigarh

A name was very famous since 1970 in Dry Cleaning “Late Sh.Jagdish Chand”. He was born in 1937. He started working of Laundry at the age of 20.  Jagdish Chand was inspired by frequent complaints in garments cleaning. Due to arriving of new fabrics, it was very challenging and old techniques were not implementing on new fabrics. He was very passionate about his work. He started researching on cleaning solutions. He was started applying different solutions to different garments. After a lot of research, he found a perfect solution for his customers.  As he was born and brought up in Chandigarh he named our business as “Khalsa Dyers & drycleaners Chandigarh” , he was renown similar in his industry and the name was established .

Since 1960, the name Khalsa Dyers & Drycleaners Chandigarh is being appreciated by its quality work. Various techniques of cleaning the garments provide healthy duration to clothes. A hygiene way to cleaning clothes keeps soft touch to body. Now the expertise of cleaning is refined with the time. The same tradition of dedication toward cleaning of clothes was followed by his son Late Mr. Vinod Kumar. 

Now the brand is running by Mr. Amit Kumar, grandson of Late Sh.Jagdish Chand. Maintaining the dignity of Khalsa Dyers & Drycleaners Chandigarh working with the same dedication and tradition we are providing our services in tricity. Now all the customers are happy .

Just give a call and that’s it. We will be at your door. Due to COVID we have updated our staff and services with sanitization and social distancing. We are taking every precaution to keep you and your garments safe. 

Any thing where clothes and fabrics are used can dry clean. Whatever you have to feel like need to clean, Charak & Dye.  Like items mentioned below: 

  • Coat pants
  • Saries and lehengas
  • Heavy Dress
  • Shoes
  • Over coats
  • Gowns
  • Leather items
  • Hotel Linens
  • Sofa
  • Curtain
  • Car seats
  • Car interiors
  • Carpets
  • Chairs
  • Blinds
  • Quilts
  • Blankets and Cushions cover etc…..

Services offering by us:

  • Drycleaning.
  • Steam Ironing
  • Charak & Dye
  • Hotels Laundry
  • Express Services (Instant Service)
  • Free Pick & Drop